How to Stay in Shape on a Cruise Ship

Staying in shape while on a cruise ship can be difficult. When you eat a lot of food and drink a lot of tropical drinks, its hard not to gain a few pounds. So how do you spend a week or two stuffing yourself without adding a few inches around your waist. There's always the gym - but who really wants to spend precious vacation hours slaving away on a treadmill? There are other ways to get exercise while you cruise.

Take the Stairs. The elevators may be tempting, but if you always take the stairs you can burn off some good calories getting from point A to point B.

Walk Around the Deck. Walking around the deck can be a great way to get some fresh air, and at night it can be very romantic.

Choose Active Excursions. There are usually a variety onshore excursions where you can get some vigorous exercise – hiking, snorkeling, windsurfing and sea kayaking just to name a few.

Dancing. Cruise ships usually have opportunities to dance the night away. This can be great fun and great exercise.

Swimming. Most large cruise ships have several pools on them. Doing a few laps while cooling off from the sun can keep you in shape.

On Board Activities. There are always lots of fun things to do on board. From Ping Pong tables and basketball courts to rock climb and even ice skating, you can always find something fun and physical to do on the ship.

Why not have that second lobster entrée? Food is such an enjoyable part of a cruise there is no reason to cut back on it as long as you can burn off those calories while having fun!

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