What To Do Before You Get on the Cruise Ship

So you've booked your cruise and now you have to wait weeks or even months before you can actually set sail. Are you just going to sit there and day dream about your cruise ship and everything you are going to do? No - you can start to plan your cruise. Here are some things that you can do to ensure a smooth vacation.

Book Onshore Excursions. Most cruise ships allow you to book onshore excursions on line. Booking these long before you sail will ensure that the excursions you want to take do not sell out. It will also means that you don't have to waste those precious vacation minutes booking the excursions on board.

Familiarize Yourself With The Ship. Cruise company web sites have maps of their ships on line. Spending some times looking at these maps before you get there can help you get the lay of the land. Do you have to go up or down to get to the dining room. Where are the pools? Large cruise ships can be disorienting and it is a good idea to know a little about the ship before you go.

Research You Ports of Call. Knowing what to expect when you step onto shore at a port can be helpful. The amount of time spent at a port can be as short as a few hours, so knowing what you wnat to do there is useful. What kind of food do they speciaclize in? What specialty items do they sell in the markeyplaces?

Have some Champagne Sent to Yourself. Cruise Lines allow you to purchase gifts for yourself or others before you go.. You can have a bottle of champagne, some wine, or a box of chocolates waithing in you cabin when you arrive. Popping a bottle of bubbly as soon as you step into your cabin is a great treat.

Being prepared for your trip before you go can certainly add to the enjoyment of the cruise.

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