Get Hot Deals on Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

When planning your next trip to Las Vegas, follow any one of these easy steps to save money when booking a hotel room. Here are four ways to get in on some great deals:

Go to each hotel website. Look to see if you can sign up for an online newsletter. Most hotels will send you a great deals via e-mail. In most cases, they will provide an offer code. Be sure to take note of the code. You may need to apply it to your online reservation or relay it to the hotel operator when phoning. Occasionally, the offer may be through online booking only.

Apply for a membership card from each casino. Be sure to use the card in the casino before you leave. You don't need to spend a lot, just enough to show the casino that you do in fact gamble. From that point on you will receive great room deals either by e-mail or snail-mail. If you are really lucky, you may even receive a couple of free nights. Unfortunately, most casinos require that you apply for membership in person so they can verify identification.

If you're reluctant in giving out your information to avoid being bombarded with e-mails and flyers, you can always go a more direct route. Go to each hotel's website and check out their reservation page. You may find a better deal through the website than you would by phone.

If you are short on time and can't go to each hotel website, there is another option. For finding great deals quickly, offers a fantastic service. They provide a list of deals that hotels are currently offering. They will not book your room, but they will direct you to the appropriate hotel web page or hotel reservation number with the offer code.

Just think, all that money that you saved on a hotel room can used in the casino!

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